The Blue Marble October newsletter discusses a new format for the 2020 HR Tech Conference and Expo, the unique labor codes in Chile, and a client success story about navigating new markets.    

HR Tech is Different This Year
This year is different in so many ways, and we have had to make challenging decisions and changes to the way we work. Trade shows and events have evolved as a result, with most conferences moving to virtual events. One of the largest industry conferences of the year, HR Technology Conference and Expo, has moved to a virtual event that starts October 27th.

Labor Code in Chile
Chile is known for its strong and transparent, stable economy that promises growth. The country’s legal framework, along with its labor laws, encourage foreign investors to enter the domestic and affluent Chile markets. Chile also has a mature financial market, which has prospered over the years. The preliminary articles of the Chilean Labor Codex regulate the labor and work relationships between employers and employees. There are five books in the Chilean Labor Codex. Each of them controls a specific topic. LEARN MORE

Navigating New Markets
Andrew Porter
The fourth quarter of the calendar year is an exciting time here at Blue Marble. During this time, many organizations are looking ahead and developing a strategy for Q1. It’s very common for companies to begin expanding or restructuring. Most often, this can include mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. I would like to share a story of how our team is supporting one of our newest clients navigate the challenges that come along with these activities. READ MORE