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Data Protection Framework

We are committed to the security and protection of the personal data of our customers and employees. As the world gets smaller the importance of protecting data privacy becomes ever important. Not only do we need to be concerned and compliant with US cybersecurity laws, but we need to be proactive about understanding and maintaining compliance on international data privacy laws and regulations like EU’s GDPR.

Our Data Protection framework intends to address how our company is building a model and framework for proactively implementing data protection in our organization. READ MORE

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework

Many US organizations are storing and transferring international individual’s data between countries. Participation in programs such as Privacy Shield is required or recommended for many organizations to protect them with a mechanism to comply with data protection requirements. READ MORE

Auditing of Data Protection Measures

Implementing appropriate and organization protection measures is essential in protecting data privacy. Regular testing of those controls will ensure the processes and systems are operating with data privacy and confidentiality in mind. Internal monitoring and audits along with working with outside cybersecurity experts to audit the systems is an import aspect of this. SSAE18 (SOC 1/SOC 2) testing and ISO 27001 certification are steps you can take to make sure your organization is maintaining compliance. READ MORE

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