Our April 2022 newsletter discusses solutions for global payroll challenges, changes to labor regulations in India, and expansion and technology challenges.

Solutions for Global Payroll Challenges
Global payroll is complicated – there’s no denying it. Every country has unique regulations, statutory benefits, languages, time zones – the list goes on. With so many factors to consider and so many things that can go wrong, most companies struggle with finding a global payroll process that isn’t stressful or challenging. If you are just starting to unravel the challenges or have already figured out what the problems are in your process, here are some factors to consider and solutions to fix what’s not working. READ MORE

Changes to Labor Regulations in India
Global People Strategist
The central and state governments of India regulate and initiate new labor law reforms for the labor class. These laws ensure that fundamental rights are provided to all workers, focusing especially on equal treatment and decent working conditions. These laws are essential to facilitate doing business and to create more employment opportunities for the massive workforce in India. LEARN MORE

Expansion and Technology Challenges
Meghan Holcomb, Sales Executive
One of my clients is experiencing rapid growth across 9 countries – adding employees, expanding into new countries, and managing hourly and salaried staff across the organization. They were overwhelmed with multiple vendors and partnerships in each country and trying to ensure compliance and keep track of payroll costs at the same time. They had regional teams across the EU, US, and Australia, so the payroll process was broken into multiple segments and vendors and no standardization. As they began expanding into 2 new markets and planning for future growth, they knew something had to change. READ MORE