One of my clients is experiencing rapid growth across 9 countries – adding employees, expanding into new countries, and managing hourly and salaried staff across the organization. They were overwhelmed with multiple vendors and partnerships in each country and trying to ensure compliance and keep track of payroll costs at the same time. They had regional teams across the EU, US, and Australia, so the payroll process was broken into multiple segments and vendors and no standardization. As they began expanding into 2 new markets and planning for future growth, they knew something had to change.

One of the largest concerns in the organization was the rapid growth and the lack of scalability across multiple countries. The local vendors were cumbersome to work with and using EOR vendors in some countries was becoming cost prohibitive. Since they have variable types of pay across the organization including hourly and salaried employees, many payroll solutions could not handle hourly pay rates in addition to salaried employees. This organization needed a technology solution that could aggregate their payroll and accommodate flexible working hours and salaries while scaling the business as it grows.

Another issue for the team was the complexities of their regional payroll model – they needed a standardized user experience across the board. The team in Australia needed to discuss specific in-country payroll questions, so we brought in our dedicated in-country contact in Australia to discuss their concerns. With our open service model, the client will be able to directly contact our team in Australia when questions come up.

With more than 300 global employees, this client can now utilize one system of record, one standardized process across 9 countries, and as they grow, they can continue to scale with one payroll platform for all of their employees. They can save money on costly in-country solutions and EOR arrangements, while simplifying their global payroll process. They can also use our global consulting services to help with entry into new markets as they expand.

If you are expanding or adding global employees, talk to our team before you get started. We can help with business and bank account setup, global payroll and compliance, and statutory requirements in each country. Simplify your global operations and ensure compliance – click here to learn more