If you have employees in Thailand, there are new registration rules that will impact employee rights to live and work in that country. These changes were implemented by the government in 2022 to prevent companies from exploiting workers with low wages or dangerous working conditions. The new registration will help the government track and regulate employment throughout the country.

Who needs to register?
If you have employees who are not residents of Thailand, they must register with the Thai Department of Employment within 30 days of starting work. They need to provide the following documentation:

  • Passport
  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Work permits
  • Identity card (if applicable)
  • Address in Thailand
  • Contact information including phone/email

There is a required registration fee of 500 THB ($14.41 USD). Thailand requires that all foreign employees register with the Thai Department of Employment within 30 days of starting a job. Once registered, employees are given a registration certificate that must be kept with them while working in Thailand. If employees are found without the registration certificate, they can be fined or deported. It is vital to ensure employees are compliant with the new registration timeline.

Why did the Thai Government impose this requirement?
This requirement is meant to protect foreign workers from exploitation and illegal employment practices. The government is able to enforce labor laws and ensure fair treatment of all employees with this requirement in place.

The new registration regulation has been criticized for putting additional strain on small businesses or startups that may not have the resources or knowledge to navigate the bureaucratic process, but in practice it will help protect foreign workers in Thailand.

If you are hiring employees in Thailand, or need to get HR compliance under control, talk to our team. We can help ensure payroll and HR compliance with in-country, requirements in Thailand.