With Baby Boomers leaving the workforce, younger generations are now moving up into leadership positions and entering the workforce for the first time. The Millennial generation is changing the face of the modern workforce most dramatically.

Millennials grew up with technology, so it makes sense that they are quick to embrace innovation and utilize the latest gadgets and software advancements to advance in the workplace. Millennials are very entrepreneurial compared to previous generations, and not willing to stay at a company for “loyalty” but more for opportunity to grow and develop.

They might have a reputation for being “lazy”, but in reality, Millennials believe in working smarter, not just punching a clock for 40 hours a week. They look for flexible hours and work from home opportunities more than previous generations. Millennials know how to use information and technology to solve problems in unique ways and not rely on the old adage “that’s the way we’ve always done it around here” to get things done.

Working with Millennials can be challenging for Baby Boomers and GenX managers who grew up in business with the “top down” approach – taking orders from a boss and doing what you’re told. Millennials want to be coached, collaborated with, and mentored to learn, solve issues, and move the company forward. Getting them engaged and involved benefits the whole team.