One of my clients has employees in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany. They are using Paylocity in the US for payroll, but for their international employees they were using different accountants in each country to manage payroll. There was no visibility or transparency in their payroll process, and no reporting functionality. They needed to make a change but were concerned about compliance and payroll continuity for their global employees.

This client lacked integration for their payroll and HR functions within the company, and they were looking for a system that could manage both US and international employees. They wanted integrated US and global payroll as well as an HR system that could manage all of their employee data in one place. With Paylocity payroll and HRIS functionality, they can manage their US and global employees on one system and integrate their global payroll with Blue Marble. They now have access to US and global payroll reporting in one system, single-sign-on to manage US and global payroll, and a global HRIS system of record for the entire organization.

The company was worried about in-country compliance as well as global HR compliance. Since payroll was being managed by different vendors in each country, they weren’t confident that they were in compliance with in-country regulations. They needed one system of record to manage all of their employees without disrupting payroll or HR functions across countries and currencies. As they began to look at their payroll in each country, they realized they needed aggregated processes and real-time access to payroll costs across the organization to ensure compliance.

Process Continuity
As payroll in each country was being managed with different processes and timelines, my client as looking to streamline payroll and HR for all employees, regardless of the country. Their current model was causing challenges with deadlines, data and reporting, so they wanted one system to ensure the payroll process was consistent across countries. With an aggregated global payroll platform, they can view payroll across countries in real-time, and create reports by country or aggregated across countries and currencies. Paylocity and Blue Marble have integrated access so the client can view US and global payroll with one sign on and run reporting for payroll including the US.

Streamlining their payroll has helped my client ensure compliance in each country, simplified their HR process for US and global employees, and they have integrated payroll across all countries. They can easily view and manage payroll costs across countries, create reporting that works for their business, and manage their global workforce with one system of record. If you are struggling with payroll or HR compliance, talk to our team – we can help you simplify payroll and global HR in 100+ countries. Click here to learn more about our global solutions.