Hong Kong is a unique independent city/state with low tax rates, high incomes, and very low unemployment figures. Hong Kong is growing rapidly and attracting companies from all over the world, with few barriers to entry. If you are thinking of starting or growing a business in Asia, now is the time to look at Hong Kong.

As with any expansion, there are challenges to growing your business and managing payroll in Hong Kong. Trading across borders and costs associated with exports, as well as registering property, setting up mandatory employee funds and procuring worker’s compensation insurance can be hindering.

Whether you are already doing business and managing payroll in Hong Kong, or looking to expand internationally, you need a partner who can manage the unique laws and regulations for payroll and tax. There are unique funds, insurance, tax and compliance laws for payroll. Blue Marble is a leader providing global payroll solutions for companies that also operate in Hong Kong, and can guide you through the regulations.

If your company does business and manages payroll in Hong Kong, you need more than a basic payroll process – you need an agile and advanced online payroll system. Payroll requirements and risks are growing, creating new challenges for businesses. A world-class online payroll system can improve your organization’s ability to manage payroll in Hong Kong. At Blue Marble Payroll, we take the risk out of doing business internationally with online payroll services that combine advanced technology and proven local knowledge.

Our revolutionary cloud-based payroll management software enables your business to stay current with payroll-related regulations in Hong Kong. Blue Marble Payroll solutions simplify payroll and HR reporting, while ensuring compliance with payroll requirements. Blue Marble Payroll provides a unique combination of local, in-country knowledge and user-friendly payroll management software that is vital to your success in Hong Kong.