Finland provides many opportunities for companies looking to expand. Creating a new business in Finland requires an in-country bank account, deposit of capital and a registration fee. There are many business types including partnerships and proprietors, as well as labor and payroll considerations before beginning operations.

Payroll and Tax Considerations:

  • There is no National minimum wage. Employers are required to provide a wage statement showing the payment amount and the grounds on which the amount was determined
  • Overtime work is paid by the hour. Regular pay plus 50% for the first 2 hours overtime, regular pay plus 100% for each subsequent hour is payable for daily overtime
  • Termination notice is based on the duration of the employment relationship
  • Severance pay is not formally regulated for non-public employers, but employers must pay out employee remaining salary and unused holiday leave
  • There are 3 types of taxes for individuals including State, Municipality, and Church
  • Tax rates range from 6-31% of earned income
  • Employment contracts are not required to be in writing

HR and Statutory Requirements:

  • Employees are entitled to 4 weeks summer holiday and 1 week of winter holiday leave
  • There is no limit on the amount of sick leave an employee can take. The Employment Contract Acts states that employers must pay up to 9 days of sick leave. After 9 days, employees become eligible to receive sick pay through the Social Insurance Institute (Kela). The allowance is approximately 70% of the employee previous salary
  • Employees are eligible for 105 weekdays of paid maternity leave. Employees can take up to 50 weekdays of leave before the birth
  • Employees must notify their employer at least 2 months before they intend to start maternity leave
  • Fathers are entitled to 54 days of paternity leave or 72 days for 2 children and 90 days for 3 children
  • When people reach the age of 65, they can claim old age pension from Kela
  • The average total earnings-related pension insurance contribution rate is 24.4% of the employee monthly gross wage. This includes both employer and employee contributions

Holidays in Finland

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • January 6 – Epiphany
  • April 15 – Good Friday
  • April 18 – Easter Monday
  • May 1 – May Day
  • May 26 – Ascension Day
  • June 24 – Midsummer Eve
  • June 25 – Midsummer
  • November 5 – All Saints’ Day
  • December 6 – Independence Day
  • December 24 – Christmas Eve
  • December 25 – Christmas Day
  • December 26 – Boxing Day

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