Managing employees and payroll in Argentina can be challenging. There are unique reporting and payroll requirements each month, so it is important to stay ahead of changes to avoid compliance issues.

There are many labor and payroll considerations when doing business in Argentina. There is no payroll tax in Argentina, but employers must register employees for tax and social security purposes with the Federal Administration of Public Revenue before beginning payroll. The minimum wage in 2021 is 25,468 pesos per month ($271 USD).

Employment contracts are open-ended, but can be fixed-term based on the work being performed. There are laws regulating trade unions and collective bargaining agreements, so it is important to be informed of these regulations if your business will be affected by those regulations.

Foreign workers intending on working in Argentina need to apply for temporary residence permits. Employers must file with the National Direction of Migrations, and once the permit has been accepted, the entry permit is sent to the Argentine consulate in the home country of the applicant.

Employers must provide physical copies of payslips signed by the employer and employee each month. Employers must have a local bank account to pay employees. There are many reporting requirements each month including social security and income tax payments, employer wage tax return reports, and quarterly and year-end federal, state, local and employee payroll reporting.

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