Our June newsletter discusses why aggregated payroll data is important, UK employment law changes, and scalable global expansion.

Why Aggregated Payroll Data is Important
Imagine if all 50 states in the US had different payroll requirements, tax filing deadlines, and statutory compliance regulations – sounds impossible, right? This is one of the challenges for companies managing employees in multiple countries. With unique payroll, tax, and compliance regulations in each country, managing a global workforce is complex. As companies expand and begin using different providers in each country, the global payroll and compliance process gets even more complicated. So how can you simplify this challenging process? READ MORE

UK Employment Law Changes
Global People Strategist
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many changes in the corporate sector worldwide, and the UK has begun implementing several employment law amendments as a result. Some of these changes in labor policy have already been enforced, while others will be in the near future. Here are some highlights of the employment law revisions in the UK: LEARN MORE

Scalable Global Expansion
Andrew Porter, Sales Executive
One of my clients was facing a common challenge in their global process – too many payroll systems and no integrated data or reporting. They had multiple businesses across two countries and were using 9 different systems to manage their global payroll. They had no integration between systems, they had to create reports manually each month, and they were having issues with their service provider with no access to in-country expertise. READ MORE