Our January newsletter discusses the challenges of implementing payroll across multiple countries, social security contributions in the EU, and migrating in-country vendors to one platform.

Challenges of Implementing Payroll Across Multiple Countries
Managing global payroll and compliance is challenging. But when it comes time to switch providers or upgrade systems across multiple countries, implementing new systems and payroll can be a long and arduous process. If there are disparate systems and lack of integration, it can seem overwhelming to think about making a change. READ MORE

Social Security Contributions in the EU
Global People Strategist
If you have employees working in the EU, there are social security contributions required depending on the country and length of stay. The EU created regulations to ensure employees only pay social security contributions to one country at a time to eliminate potential double social security contributions. But if you have employees working across multiple countries in the EU, there are documents required to ensure employees don’t have to make double contributions. LEARN MORE

Migrating In-Country Vendors to One Platform
Jack Quinlan, Sales Executive
One of my clients has employees in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany. They are using Paylocity in the US for payroll, but for their international employees they were using different accountants in each country to manage payroll. There was no visibility or transparency in their payroll process, and no reporting functionality. They needed to make a change but were concerned about compliance and payroll continuity for their global employees. READ MORE