One of my clients was facing a common challenge for multinational organizations – too many systems and processes to manage global payroll and compliance. With over 200 employees across 9 countries and no global HR system to manage employee data, their process had become costly and overwhelming for their teams to manage. We worked to identify their biggest areas of concern and create solutions to help them scale as they add new countries.

One Unified System
The first and largest challenge was using disparate systems across 9 countries. With no standardized process in place, each country was running payroll separately, with limited reporting capabilities. They were not confident that payroll regulations were updated each year which put them at risk for non-compliance penalties, but they were unsure how to validate or audit their process in each country.

In-country compliance was another huge hurdle the team was trying to get under control. They needed help with in-country registration and were not sure if they were in compliance with regulations in each country. They were also looking for EOR support in a few countries to pay their contractor employees, so they were looking for guidance on how to proceed.

Global HRIS
Without a global HR system in place, my client had no way to track employee data across countries or standardize their HR processes in each country. They were relying on in-country payroll provider data and using spreadsheets to manage personal employee data. This process was putting their organization at risk for data security issues and potential compliance penalties. As they added new countries and hired new employees, the problem only grew larger.

To help my client solve these challenges, we started with the in-country compliance. Our global consulting services team helped them navigate the in-country registration they needed to ensure they were in compliance with local labor laws and business requirements in each country. With Paylocity and Blue Marble, we provided them with an integrated US and global payroll platform so they have real-time access to payroll across all 9 countries. Paylocity also has integrated global HR, so they are able to add all of their employees into one system of record and create aggregated reports across all countries and currencies.

Taking the time to audit their process and find the best solutions for their business will help them scale as they grow and ensure compliance across all countries. If you have challenges in your global operations, we can help. Talk to our team about simplifying global payroll and compliance