Our February Blue Marble newsletter discusses frequent problems with global payroll reporting, employee benefits in Singapore, and complications when managing multiple payroll vendors and systems.

Frequent Problems with Global Payroll Reporting
As a company expands into new countries, there can be a rush to get employees hired and start payroll. Often it seems easier to find a local vendor to manage the in-country payroll, since they know the requirements and deadlines for the specific country. But as the company grows and adds new countries, this piecemeal approach to payroll becomes a large problem for the organization. Over time, using multiple vendors and data sources across several countries creates a gap in data, no standardized processes, and lack of reporting. READ MORE

Employee Benefits in Singapore
Global People Strategist
Singapore has an employment act that provides terms and working conditions for all types of employees. The Employment Act covers any person who has entered into a contract of service with an employer and regulates the relationships between employers and employees. LEARN MORE

Managing Multiple Payroll Vendors and Systems
Skye Graham, Sales Executive
One of my new clients was facing tough challenges managing employees across multiple entities in Canada and in the US. There were different payroll systems and processes across each country and entity, and some payroll was done in-house as well. With multiple vendors, different systems, and no standardization across the organization, payroll was a logistical nightmare. READ MORE