One of my clients has more than 800 employees across nine countries and was using an Employer of Record (EOR) model to manage global operations. As the company expanded, the EOR was more challenging to maintain, as there were unique regulations in each country related to business operations and tax compliance when using an EOR model. Typically, an EOR is used as a temporary solution, but as a company expands, they need a more scalable solution. My client knew it was time to move from the EOR model to business entities in each country.

So how do you transition from an EOR to a business entity across nine countries? It’s not something that happens overnight – in some countries it can take up to six months to create a legal entity. Our global consulting team built a plan to migrate from the EOR in each country to a legal entity over a 10-month period so that we could ensure compliance with in-country requirements and work within the timelines of each country.

As we began the process of creating business entities in each country, the next obstacle for my client was a disjointed payroll process across nine countries. They were using different vendors in each country and did not have access to real-time payroll data or reporting across countries and currencies. Our global payroll solution provides one aggregated platform to manage employee payroll in one system. We also integrate with Paylocity for U.S. payroll, so my client now has a single-sign-on to manage U.S. and global payroll. Our reporting tool within Blue Marble provides custom reporting so my client can view payroll in one country or across countries and currencies – including the U.S.

If you are using an EOR model or different payroll vendors in each country, global operations can become unmanageable as you expand. Blue Marble has created technology to simplify payroll across 100+ countries with one platform, aggregated reporting, and integration capabilities. Our global consulting team can help set up business entities, global HR compliance, and expansion services. Talk to our team about simplifying your global operations in 2023!