The September 2022 Blue Marble newsletter discusses the pros and cons of registering a business entity or using an EOR, redundancy and severance pay in the UK, and simplifying multi-country payroll and compliance.

Should you Register a Business Entity or use an EOR?
When you’re expanding into a new country, there are unique business entity, bank account, and statutory compliance requirements to consider. Before you start up operations, you need to decide whether registering a new business in-country or hiring an Employer of Record (EOR) is right for your organization. Here are some things to consider around both options. READ MORE

Redundancy and Severance Pay in the UK
Global People Strategist
In the United Kingdom, redundancy is a form of termination that happens when employers need to reduce their workforce. Commonly referred to as a “layoff” or “reduction in force” in the United States, UK employees who are being made redundant are entitled to certain benefits including redundancy pay, a notice period, time off to look for a new job, and more. Employees cannot be selected for redundancy due to age, gender, or disability. The redundancy process can be difficult to navigate, but this simple guide will explain what you need to know about redundancy and severance pay in the UK. LEARN MORE

Simplifying Multi-Country Payroll and Compliance
Maggie Baird, Sales Executive
With thousands of global employees and operations in more than 100 countries, one of my clients was struggling with their global payroll and compliance process. They had no unified system across Latin America and India, no access to in-country experts to help with unique requirements, and no visibility or reporting across countries. They needed a system that could integrate with Oracle and wanted a true payroll partner – not just a payroll vendor to help with their challenges. They were using Blue Marble for one of their countries in the Caribbean, but they needed help unifying their processes in Latin America and India. READ MORE