Our September 2021 newsletter discusses international expansion challenges, Saudi Arabia employment law, and converting contractors to employees overseas.

International Expansion Challenges
As companies all over the world have faced unprecedented business interruption over the last 18 months, many organizations put international expansion plans on hold. Now that economies are improving and business operations are returning to pre-pandemic levels, plans for expansion might be brought back to the table. Here are some common international expansion challenges to be aware of before you get started. READ MORE

Saudi Arabia Employment Law
Global People Strategist
Saudi Arabia is the largest nation in the Middle East with a population of more than 34 million people and 13 regions. It is the only country with a coastline across both the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. There have been several employment law and labor developments in Saudi Arabia over the last several months, with a variety of new measures implemented in the workplace to manage the effects of the ongoing pandemic. LEARN MORE

Converting Contractors to Employees Overseas
Skye Graham, Regional Sales Executive
Organizations often find that as the scope of a project changes, there is a need to take planning and execution to a new level. When it comes to a global plan or project, things can get complicated. Many companies expand into a new country without registering a business and hire “contractors” instead of employees. There are benefits to hiring contractors, as you can get up and running quickly, but as business evolves, converting contractors to employees becomes a challenge. READ MORE