SKOKIE, Ill., Sept. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Blue Marble Global Payroll is excited to announce a new partnership with Galvin International, a leading global finance and compliance services firm.

This unique collaboration between Blue Marble Payroll and Galvin International combines the leaders in global payroll, accounting, and tax compliance. The new partnership offers an unbeatable service package that makes implementing global payroll and finance compliance faster, easier, and within the complex laws and regulations of each country.

When companies expand globally, there are tax, payroll, and finance compliance regulations and laws in each country that if not followed properly can cause fines, audits, and other legal action. Blue Marble Global Payroll and Galvin International offer solutions to ensure integration in each new country is seamless.

Blue Marble has a unique web-based solution that processes global payroll allowing access to all employee and payroll data, runs aggregated employee and payroll reports, and organizes multinational payroll. The Blue Marble solution has powerful capabilities of cross-location reporting, tracking payroll information across multiple countries, and seamless management of employee data.

Galvin International offers a wide range of tax, finance, and accounting services including: setting up local entities overseas (e.g., LLC or branch), creating local bank accounts, and preparing and filing local tax returns and local statutory accounts. Galvin International ensures all of the tax and accounting requirements of each country are in compliance.

The new partnership between Blue Marble Global Payroll and Galvin International combines the expertise companies need when expanding globally to ensure compliance in payroll, accounting, tax and finance.

About Galvin International /

Galvin International is a global finance firm specializing in international finance and accounting based in London, England. Galvin International is a leading force in global accounting, tax and payroll across over 50 countries worldwide. The Galvin International team members are thought leaders in integrating finance and compliance services with global payroll.

About Blue Marble Global Payroll 

Blue Marble Global Payroll is a Skokie, Illinois based company leader in global payroll compliance in over 100 countries. Blue Marble Payroll was founded in 2013 by a team of industry professionals who were instrumental in creating one of the leading payroll and HR providers in the United States. Blue Marble Payroll believes in “Unifying the World of Payroll” and their mission is to help small and mid-sized companies streamline their international payroll processes. Blue Marble Payroll provides industry-leading technology backed by exceptional service at a reasonable cost.