Our November 2022 newsletter discusses taking the complexity out of global payroll, the new EU pay transparency directive for equal pay, and global HRIS and scalable global expansion.

Taking the Complexity out of Global Payroll
In the US, payroll is a pretty straightforward process – paying employees accurately, withholding the right amount of taxes, benefits, and social security each month – the process is the same regardless of what state each employee lives in. When it comes to paying international employees, payroll teams encounter complexities that not only vary by country but can put the organization at risk for compliance penalties. How can your team take the complexity out of the global payroll process? READ MORE

EU Pay Transparency Directive for Equal Pay
The European Commission recently published a new directive to ensure equal pay for men and women across the EU. This directive is a new measure to address gender inequality in the workforce. The goal of the new directive is to help close the gender pay gap, which is still large in many EU countries. LEARN MORE

Global HRIS and Scalable Global Expansion
The day-to-day of the modern HR professional has never been more challenging. An average morning might consist of logging into one system to pay US employees, another system for global payroll, liaising with third parties managing compliance, and accessing additional more platforms for Onboarding, Performance Management and Learning Management courses. READ MORE