The May 2023 newsletter discusses global payroll funding challenges for multinational organizations, protecting employee rights in Australia, and integrated global HRIS, payroll, and in-country compliance.

Global Payroll Funding Challenges for Multinational Organizations
Managing employees across multiple countries has many challenges – from payroll to statutory benefits, the unique requirements in each country can make it difficult to maintain compliance. Funding global payroll is one aspect of global operations that can be difficult to manage and track. Companies spend thousands each year on currency conversions and bank payments to fund their global payroll. Here are the common payroll funding options multi-national companies use today and ways to streamline the process and improve visibility. READ MORE

Protecting Employee Rights in Australia
Global People Strategist
Understanding in-country labor laws in Australia is vital to ensure compliance with employer regulations. The anti-discrimination and harassment laws in force provide employees with vital protections from workplace abuse, so it’s important to stay ahead of changes and ensure your organization is in compliance with the updated requirements. LEARN MORE

Integrated Global HRIS, Payroll, and In-Country Compliance
Kevin Campo, Sales Executive
Managing multiple payroll vendors across different countries is a common challenge for companies as they expand into new markets. My client had employees in five countries and was using five different systems to manage payroll. They needed local in-country support to manage payroll and labor law changes, as well as a global HR system. They were looking for integrated US and global payroll and a global HR system that could manage all of their employee data across all countries. READ MORE