The May 2022 Blue Marble newsletter is focused on changes to remote work in Brazil, tax requirements in France, and how to manage payroll for your US employees living abroad.

Brazil Changes to Remote Work System
The Brazilian government recently amended parts of the Labor Code to make changes to the remote work system that was put in place early in the Covid-19 pandemic. The remote work system was originally designed for employees who worked predominantly outside of the company office, using company systems and information. This work was considered telework, and the labor code was adjusted for employees in this position. As remote and telework has adapted over the last 2 years, the labor code is now being amended again. These new measures are immediately in effect, which doesn’t give employers time to react and adjust to the new provisions. READ MORE

Tax Requirements in France
Global People Strategist
France has an excellent social security system that offers their citizens and residents countless benefits and protection. French residents pay for these benefits through a substantial amount of taxes. There are three main types of taxes in France to cover the benefits and social security that is paid to employees including; taxes on goods and services (Value Added Tax or VAT), Social Security Contributions, and Income Tax. LEARN MORE

How to Manage Payroll for US Employees Living Abroad
Greg Woodhead, Sales Executive
HR professionals around the world are unsure of how to answer the now popular question: Can I live abroad and still work here? Rather than develop a policy and process for facilitating moves to new countries – many of those in leadership simply say ‘no.’ Does this improve retention and employee morale, when so many other employers offer an option to work from anywhere? Every day, we have clients ask us what it takes to setup staff in new countries. READ MORE