Our May 2021 newsletter discusses why global payroll is so complicated, worker rights in Ontario, and multi-country expansion and payroll success.

Why is Global Payroll so Complicated?
Payroll teams in the US have figured out payroll regulations, paying employees on time, and managing new legislation and regulations each year. So it would make sense that these same skills would translate to global payroll. Yet most companies find global payroll extremely challenging and struggle to maintain compliance. Why is global payroll so complicated? READ MORE

Worker Rights in Ontario
In Ontario, Canada, workplace rights are an important piece of the employment experience. Every employee has the right to be treated fairly at the workplace, to work in a safe environment, to be trained to deal with any workplace emergencies or hazards, and to become a part of a trade union. Workers in Ontario are protected by the Employment Standards Act (ESA), the Pay Equity Act (PEA), the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), and the Labor Relations Act (LRA). Here are some of the rights of workers in Ontario: LEARN MORE

Multi-Country Expansion and Payroll Success
Implementing payroll in new countries is not easy. In-country regulations, compliance, ensuring statutory requirements are met is just the beginning. One of my recent clients came to Blue Marble with several challenges and needs for their global payroll. Some of the biggest issues for them were lack of visibility across all countries, and local in-country compliance concerns. READ MORE