Unless you speak 11 languages, South Africa can be a challenging place to start or grow a business. What if you had a local partner that knew the payroll and tax regulations and also spoke the language? Blue Marble has redefined international payroll with technology to manage payroll in South Africa, with in-country expertise to ensure compliance, navigate changes, and promote growth.

Many multi-national companies are finding it difficult to maintain compliance with reporting regulations for HR, tax and payroll in South Africa, but using a sophisticated payroll management software can help you keep up with changing regulations.

Our revolutionary cloud-based payroll management software enables your business to stay current with payroll-related regulations with aggregated reporting and visibility across countries and currencies. Our unique combination of local, in-country knowledge and user-friendly payroll management software that is vital to your success in South Africa.

Quick Facts about South Africa

  • Population: 55 M
  • Languages: Main languages spoken are English, Africans and Zulu. There are other 8 official languages
  • Local currency: Rand (ZAR) ~ 12.7 per dollar (USD)
  • Main economic sources: tourism (safari & beach) and mining (diamonds, gold, platinum) and manufacturing (cars and car parts)
  • 3 capital cities: judicial (Bloemfontein) , legislative (Cape Town) , and executive (Pretoria)