Senegal has a population of almost 16 million people. Agriculture and manufacturing are key drivers of the economy, and the official language is French. The corporate tax rate in Senegal is 30%, with an 18% VAT applied to remittances.

Payroll and Tax Considerations in Senegal:

  • The current minimum wage is XOF 333.80 for the non-agriculture sector and XOF 213.92 for the agriculture sector
  • Any work over 40 hours per week is considered overtime. Overtime pay varies from 110% – 200% of regular pay for work on public holidays
  • Employees who have worked for a year are entitled to severance, as long as they have a record free of misconduct
  • The amount of severance ranges from 25-40% of monthly salary, depending on length of service

HR and Statutory Requirements:

  • Employees accrue paid annual leave at the rate of 2 days per month after 1 year of service
  • Leave can be postponed for a maximum of 3 years
  • The amount of sick leave received depends on length of service
  • Females receive 14 weeks of paid maternity leave including 8 weeks post-natal
  • Fathers receive 1 day of paid paternity leave
  • There are 2 retirement schemes in Senegal, a general and a complimentary scheme
  • The retirement age is 60 years
  • Employees who have ceased all employment and have 400 retirement points in any pension system are entitled to pension payments. Points and the amount of pension received are determined by formulas

Holidays in Senegal

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • April 4 – Independence Day
  • April 18 – Easter Monday
  • May 1 – Labour Day
  • May 3 – Korité
  • May 26 – Ascension Day
  • June 6 – Whit Monday
  • July 10 – Tabaski
  • August 8 – Tamkharit
  • August 15 – Assumption of Mary
  • September 15 – Grand Magal de Touba
  • October 8 – Maouloud
  • November 1 – All Saints’ Day
  • December 25 – Christmas Day

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