Nepal is a geographically diverse country located in Southeast Asia next to China and India. With more than 28 million people and 123 languages spoken, Nepal offers many opportunities and challenges for companies doing business there.

English is the preferred language for business, and the key industries include tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Banking, labor and foreign currency exchange can be difficult in Nepal, so it is vital to understand the cultural and business requirements before getting started.

Labor and Payroll Considerations in Nepal:

  • Employment contracts must be written
  • Trade unions can be formed at the establishment, association, and federation levels
  • Minimum wage is NPR 13,450 per month ($118 USD)
  • Taxes must be withheld from employee pay
  • Foreign workers need a work visa to live and work in Nepal
  • Foreign workers can be hired if a position cannot be filled by a Nepalese worker
  • New regulations have capped foreign hiring for companies working on projects with the Nepalese government or Nepalese companies

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