Latvia is one of the Baltic states in Northeast Europe, with the official language of Latvian and a population of about 2 million people. Top industries in Latvia include agriculture, chemical, and logistics. Companies looking to expand in Latvia have to manage very specific documentation requirements including work permits, employment contracts, and monthly reporting.

Labor and Payroll considerations in Latvia include:

  • Written work contracts are required
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements are permitted at the company, industry, and regional levels
  • Income tax and social security are withheld from employee pay
  • After hiring an employee, you must fill out a Particulars of Employees form within 3 days
  • Foreign workers must get a work and residence permit to begin employment
  • Employers must advertise an open position with the State Employment Agency for 1 month before seeking approval to hire a foreign worker. Once permission is granted, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs will decide on issuing the work permit

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