Kuwait offers unlimited opportunities for companies looking to expand. There are many regulations and payroll rules for Kuwait, so companies starting or expanding a business in Kuwait need to ensure compliance or risk fines and penalties.

Kuwait uses a source taxation method, meaning that tax is imposed on the Kuwaiti-source income, and a taxation liability can also arise from work not considered taxable in many other countries and jurisdictions. The source of income is considered in Kuwait if the place where performance of services is in Kuwait. Even work performed outside of Kuwait is taxable If the contract involves any activity in Kuwait. The entire revenue from transactions may be taxable if there is any significant presence of employees or short-term visits to Kuwait by representatives of a company.

Under Kuwait Law, companies registered in other countries are allowed to obtain a license to do business and have employees in the country. To ensure compliance with the payroll laws and tax regulations, it is critical to have a partner with in-country expertise. If you are looking to expand or grow your business in Kuwait, our cloud-based payroll technology and in-country experts can ensure compliance with all payroll, tax, accounting, and HR regulations.