With more than 1 million people and thriving agriculture and mining industries, Kosovo offers companies many opportunities for growth and expansion. There are many business types that can be registered in Kosovo, including individual, foreign company, joint stock company, and more. New companies must register with the Business Registration Agency in Kosovo (BRAK).

There are many labor and payroll considerations before hiring employees including:

  • Employment contracts can be written or verbal
  • Most Collective Bargaining Agreements are set at the national level
  • Income tax and social security must be withheld from employee pay
  • New employees will be registered when the employer files monthly payroll forms to the Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK)
  • Minimum wage is €170 per month for workers ages 35-65 and €130 per month for workers younger than 35
  • Foreign workers who plan to work in Kosovo for more than 3 months need a work permit and permission for temporary stay, with an employment contract required
  • Employers must submit a stay permit or visa processing information, job position details, business registration and Labour Office certificate to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for all foreign workers

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