Companies with employees in Ireland need to ensure compliance with in-country payroll regulations and changing requirements each year. Here are several labor considerations in Ireland:

  • Minimum wage is €9.80, with normal working hours of 39 hours per week
  • As of March 2019, employment contracts must be in writing and provided to employees within 5 days of starting employment
  • Foreign workers who do not come from EU or Switzerland will need a work permit to work in Ireland
  • General Employment Visas are for highly-skilled workers and valid for 2 years

Leave Policies in Ireland:

The UK government recently relaxed the 3 waiting day rule if the sickness is due to COVID-19 (the employee will receive a full week of Statutory Sick Pay if off with no 3 day waiting period required.

In accordance with the current labor laws in the UK, legislative requirement for statutory sick pay (SSP) mandates an employee must have four (4) consecutive days missed from work due to illness before the statutory sick pay takes affect. The first three (3) working days are unpaid, an employee begins to receive payment on the 4th day.

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