With one of the largest economies in the world, sophisticated infrastructure, and perfect location in the heart of Europe, Germany offers companies huge opportunities for international growth.

With every growth opportunity, there can also be challenges. Companies that do business and mange payroll in Germany often struggle to achieve full payroll compliance. Germany’s complicated tax system, with many required tax payments each year and up to 14 different types of taxes imposed on businesses, it can be difficult to maintain compliance and ensure tax requirements are met. There are also many local requirements that can require additional certifications depending on the type of company.

The tax year ends on December 31st, and tax declarations must be made by May 31, 2018. Monthly and yearly reporting of social security and Benefits in Kind are required.

Monthly Reporting Obligations:

  • Social Security Statements (Beitragsnachweise)
  • Withholding Tax Statements (Lohnsteueranmeldung)

Annual Reporting Obligation by end of February 2018:

  • Statutory Accident Insurance (Berufsgenossenschaftsmeldung) must be completed and submitted by employer
  • Statement for Disabled Persons

Annual Reporting Obligation by end of March 2018:

  • Social Security Statement (Sozialversicherungsmeldung/DEÜV) must be completed and submitted for each employee

Tax returns are due May 31, 2018, but with a tax consultant the deadline is automatically delayed to December 31, 2018.

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