Gabon is one of the most prosperous nations in sub-saharan Africa due to the abundance of petroleum and foreign investment. With 2 million people and a thriving business environment, Gabon is an attractive market for business growth. Managing payroll and operations can be complicated, so having in-country experts to help with language and currency differences is vital.

Labor and Payroll Considerations:

  • Work contracts can be written or oral
  • Minimum wage is 150,000 CFA francs per month ($247 USD)
  • Income tax for individuals uses a progressive scale
  • Income tax is withheld from employee pay on a monthly basis, and if the income is above 150,000 CFA, a 5% complementary tax is also due on that income
  • Social security contributions are withheld from employee pay
  • Employers must contribute to social security
  • Foreign workers must have a work and residence permit. The employer must apply for the work permit on behalf of the foreigner

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