France is the largest tourist destination in the world, but it is also a hub of global business expansion and growth. With the 6th largest economy in the world and a sophisticated workforce and infrastructure, France offers companies huge opportunities for international growth.

While France is a great opportunity for growth overseas, there are several challenges to operating a business there. France has unique labor laws and employee protections, as well as high corporate rates and requirements for business communications to be conducted in French. The labor legislation applies to specific industries and sectors of business, so payroll in France can be an issue depending on the type of industry or company.

To grow or expand your business already operating in France, you need a partner who can manage the complex payroll and compliance regulations and the cultural and language differences. Sophisticated international payroll services can eliminate risk and uncertainty for multinational companies that manage payroll in France.

Blue Marble Payroll specializes in providing best-in-class international payroll services to multinational organizations. We give your business the technology and local payroll knowledge you need to effectively reduce compliance risks and operate more effectively in France.