The June 2023 Blue Marble newsletter discusses global expansion challenges, the EU pay transparency directive, and standardizing global payroll processes. Global Expansion Challenges There are many considerations when expanding into new countries. From statutory labor requirements to payroll and tax filings, operations can get complicated without the right structure and technology in place. Here are some common global expansion challenges and ways to avoid problems as your company moves into new countries. READ MORE EU Adopts Pay Transparency Directive Global People Strategist The European Union has been working on legislation for years related to gender pay inequality. There have been proposals aimed at closing the gender pay gap, and the most recent Directive on Gender Pay Transparency was adopted earlier this year. Women in the EU on average make 13% less than their male counterparts, so this new directive will provide a legal framework to ensure transparency and equal pay for equal work. LEARN MORE Standardizing Global Payroll Processes Skye Graham, Sales Executive When you start expanding into new countries, the biggest concern most companies have is setting up business entities and payroll to start hiring employees. What happens over time as you expand into multiple countries is that your payroll and operations can become decentralized and involve multiple systems across multiple countries. There is no visibility across countries, and reporting capabilities vary from system to system. READ MORE