Our July 2022 newsletter discusses how to simplify global operations, new changes to employment laws in the EU, and paying a US employee relocating to Canada.

How to Simplify Global Operations
Global operations are challenging for many organizations – especially once you have employees across multiple countries. Unique global payroll and statutory HR requirements in each country to consider, tax filing and deadlines vary, and based on the industry and type of business there can be additional in-country pension and tax regulations. If you are using different systems in each country to manage payroll and HR, compliance becomes more difficult. So how can you simplify operations and ensure compliance for your employees across the world? READ MORE

EU Employment Law Changes in 2022
Global People Strategist
The European Union is scheduled to implement many new employment laws in 2022 that will impact employers and provide additional benefits to employees. Staying ahead of these changes can help prepare your employees for the changes and make sure your HR team is ready as the new laws are implemented. Here is what to look for in 2022: LEARN MORE

Paying a US Employee Relocating to Canada
Jack Quinlan, Sales Executive
One of my new clients has employees in the US but was faced with a new challenge: one of their employees was relocating to Canada and my client wanted to keep that employee on their team. They did not have any other global employees, so they didn’t know how to begin the process of relocation or how to manage payroll in a new country. They wanted to continue their current employment relationship with this employee, so they came to me for assistance in the process. READ MORE