HR professionals around the world are unsure of how to answer the now popular question: Can I live abroad and still work here? Rather than develop a policy and process for facilitating moves to new countries, many of those in leadership simply say ‘no.’ Does this improve retention and employee morale, when so many other employers offer an option to work from anywhere? Every day, we have clients ask us what it takes to setup staff in new countries.

One company going through such a transition, recently inquired as to what is required to support and pay two staff members who were moving to Canada. Here at Blue Marble, we are extremely well-versed in setting up businesses to operate abroad and are very familiar setting up payroll for staff in Canada and elsewhere.

This company wanted to continue to utilize their US payroll provider for their 30 US-based staff but add on Blue Marble to pay their two soon-to-be-international employees. We first consulted with them on how we can quickly setup a style of business in Canada geared toward these situations. We then explored how to easily process payroll for international employees, while providing global payroll visibility for 100+ countries – including their US staff. We then explained how they would have a single, dedicated Project Manager throughout the entire implementation process. Implementations can be stressful and all-consuming – knowing they would have a trusted professional by their side was critical in their decision-making process.

This client is proceeding with implementation and is relying on Blue Marble for payroll and HR expertise in Canada, to ensure they are paying the government and staff accurately and on-time. The company now has a process in place to handle employee requests of living outside the US, that is repeatable in the future. If your team wants to establish an internal process to allow employees to work abroad or grow into new markets, reach out and we can help you understand what is required. Click here to get started