The day-to-day of the modern HR professional has never been more challenging. An average morning might consist of logging into one system to pay US employees, another system for global payroll, liaising with third parties managing compliance, and accessing additional platforms for On-boarding, Performance Management and Learning Management courses.

Global Expansion and Scalability
I recently met with a team that processed payroll in four countries including the US. They were using a patchwork of HR modules and compliance solutions via third parties. None of the systems talked to each other, and all had separate logins and billing cycles. Their business had been so busy growing, they never had time to think about how a simplified HR and payroll solution can improve their organizational health and save them money. If they were going to scale sustainably in 2023, their HR operation had to be streamlined for expansion (not to mention the HR team’s sanity.).

Unified Platform
Of all the global HRIS solutions they looked at, the company found Blue Marble was the only unified platform to offer all functions they needed. Our ten-year track record stands as proof of our model’s success. And, because our parent company, Paylocity, is traded publicly, the client knew we are held to a different standard than many other organizations.

Customized Solutions
The team saw how they can onboard staff via customized international paperwork, assign required trainings immediately, and pay team members regardless of country, all from within a single system. They could deactivate their multiple legacy platforms and migrate to our all-in-one tool to gain efficiencies across the board. The time saved administratively, plus aggregated reporting and local compliance expertise, allowed them to not only consolidate their HR operations but increased their confidence when exploring new markets for expansion.

We don’t just offer payroll in 100+ countries around the world – Blue Marble and Paylocity maintain a cutting edge Global HRIS that can transform your entire operation from the ground up. Let us customize a plan to handle paying your staff, ensure compliance with country regulations, and manage your business entity setup. By saving time and reducing administrative burdens, we allow HR professionals to thrive and focus on what really matters. Click here to learn more about our global payroll solutions