One of my clients was struggling with their global payroll and compliance as they were acquiring companies across multiple countries. They were using different payroll systems and processes in each country and had no integration or consistency in their payroll operations. Another key challenge was the lack of support in each country – they didn’t know if they were in compliance and could not get answers to very basic in-country payroll questions. They were also looking for U.S. payroll integration.

Global Payroll
Identifying the key challenges in their payroll process was the first step. Since they were using local providers in each country, they didn’t have access to their payroll data and reporting was manual and in different formats. They wanted one system to manage their global employees in 4 different countries with aggregated reporting. This was the easiest challenge to solve, as Blue Marble has a global payroll platform to manage payroll across 100+ countries with customized, aggregated reporting. They can view payroll in real-time for one country or look at an aggregated view across countries – including the US.

U.S. Payroll
Another challenge was their U.S. payroll process. They were not happy with their provider in the U.S., and wanted a system that could integrate with their global payroll. Blue Marble is now part of Paylocity, a leading U.S. payroll provider, so my client can access U.S. and global payroll with a single-sign-on. Since our systems are integrated, they can access U.S. payroll reporting in the Blue Marble platform.

In-country compliance was a huge challenge for my client, as they did not understand the local payroll and tax regulations and did not have clear communication with their in-country providers. We have a team of global compliance experts to help ensure compliance with requirements in each country, and our payroll platform has automated updates to in-country payroll regulations, so my client doesn’t have to keep up with legislation in each country.

Customer service is one of the biggest pain points for most companies using local in-country payroll providers. With time zone and language barriers, it can be difficult to get questions answered in a timely manner that can affect payroll and compliance operations. Blue Marble has a hybrid service model that is unique to the global payroll industry. We have a dedicated U.S.-based team and direct access to in-country providers so my client can get questions answered quickly and get in-country expertise when needed.

If your company is struggling with challenges in your global payroll process as you expand overseas, talk to our team. We can help provide custom solutions, integrated U.S. payroll, and compliance services for 100+ countries. Click here to learn more or schedule a call