The February 2023 Blue Marble newsletter discusses the top 3 ways to improve global payroll in 2023, new data protection regulations in Canada, and global expansion and scalable global payroll.

Top 3 Ways to Improve Global Payroll in 2023
Global payroll teams understand the complicated process of managing international employees and payroll across countries. Different payroll deadlines and requirements, unique statutory benefits, and pension schemes are just the beginning. If you have challenges in your payroll process, problems with in-country vendors, or difficulty managing multiple systems across countries, it’s time to review ways to improve your process so you can ensure compliance and reduce the complexity for your team. READ MORE

New Data Protection Regulations in Canada
Global People Strategist
The Canadian government has proposed new legislation to improve data privacy and protection in the private sector as well as establishing new artificial intelligence (AI) development and deployment guidelines. The new Bill C-27: Digital Charter Implementation Act will help to modernize data protection and ensure privacy for Canadian citizens, and will replace the current privacy provisions in place. LEARN MORE

Global Expansion and Scalable Global Payroll
Kevin Campo, Sales Executive
One of my clients was struggling with their global payroll and compliance as they were acquiring companies across multiple countries. They were using different payroll systems and processes in each country and had no integration or consistency in their payroll operations. Another key challenge was the lack of support in each country – they didn’t know if they were in compliance and could not get answers to very basic in-country payroll questions. They were also looking for U.S. payroll integration. READ MORE