Our February newsletter is focused on priorities for your global payroll in 2021, the Canada labor market post-COVID, and a global payroll client success story.

Top Priorities for Global Payroll
If you have employees in multiple countries, you know global payroll is not easy. So many factors go into managing payroll – local in-country regulations, tax and filing deadlines, statutory requirements – the list goes on. What are the key factors to successful, compliant payroll across all countries? Here are some priorities to consider: READ MORE

Canada Labor Market post-COVID
More than two million workers have lost their jobs in Canada since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. There have been severe effects on unemployment, hours, and wages. The labor market is struggling to make ends meet, and industries are experiencing significant changes, especially in the outcome of the Canadian economy. LEARN MORE

Global Payroll Success Story
Companies often find processing payroll across multiple countries can be challenging and complicated by unique regulations, different processes in each country, and lack of data. One of my new clients was managing employees in 7 countries and was struggling with their payroll provider. READ MORE