Our February 2020 newsletter discusses global threats and the impact on operations overseas, new salary agreements in Australia, and how a US election year can cause business uncertainty.

Global Threats Impacting Global Operations
From worker protests to political unrest, natural disasters or the threat of a new pandemic, there are challenging obstacles for multi-national companies to deal with each year. How do you keep employees safe, maintain operations, and focus on business goals when there are many unforeseen threats beyond your control? READ MORE

Salary Agreements in Australia
Global People Strategist
Beginning in March 2020, changes are taking place in Australia to the way that annual salary arrangements are structured across a variety of industries. These changes have been developed in accordance with the federal awards that aid organizations in creating pay structures for their employees and cover a diverse range of industries throughout the country.

Every four years in Australia, the Fair Work Commission reviews current practices and makes amendments where necessary for the next four years, in a variety of industries. READ MORE

Business Uncertainty in a US Election Year
Skye Graham – Regional Sales Executive
2020 is a key election year in the US and the outcome impacts not just domestic economics, but international relations as well. While the 2020 Presidential election is still months away, many organizations and businesses are pulling the reigns back when it comes to spending and expansion as they just don’t have all the information needed to make crucial strategic decisions. READ MORE