Our December 2022 newsletter discusses how global payroll errors can impact your organization, new registration rules for employees in Thailand, and switching from an EOR model across multiple countries.

How Global Payroll Errors Can Impact Your Organization
Payroll is a vital component of global operations that is often overlooked – until something goes wrong. A delay in pay or a widespread payroll error can cause financial impacts as well as undue burdens on employees. When you factor in payroll across multiple countries, vendors, and systems, payroll errors can create serious problems that can be difficult to repair. 

New Registration Rules for Employees in Thailand
Global People Strategist
If you have employees in Thailand, there are new registration rules that will impact employee rights to live and work in that country. These changes were implemented by the government in 2022 to prevent companies from exploiting workers with low wages or dangerous working conditions. The new registration will help the government track and regulate employment throughout the country. LEARN MORE

Switching from an EOR Model across Multiple Countries
Andrew Porter, Sales Executive
One of my clients has more than 800 employees across 9 countries and was using an EOR model to manage global operations. As the company expanded, the EOR was more challenging to maintain, as there are unique regulations in each country related to business operations and tax compliance when using an EOR model. Typically, an EOR is a temporary solution, but as a company expands, they need a more scalable solution. My client knew it was time to move from the EOR model to business entities in each country. READ MORE