Our December 2021 newsletter discusses common global payroll pain points, changes to New Zealand labor laws in 2021, and how acquisitions overseas impact global payroll operations.

Common Global Payroll Pain Points
As the new year begins, it’s a great time to look at what has been successful over the last year and what can be improved. When it comes to global payroll, there are many pain points that can hinder your global expansion plans and operations. Solving common pain points in your global payroll process can be a great new year’s resolution and improve your organization. Here are some common pain points that many organizations face and how you can solve them in 2022. READ MORE

2021 Changes to New Zealand Labor Law
Global People Strategist
The government of New Zealand has introduced employment law reforms in 2021 to improve employer-employee relationships and enhance working conditions for employees to New Zealand. A few of the major reforms include an increase in the minimum wage, improvement of pay equity and sick leave extension, fair pay agreements, and reforms for dependent contractors. These reforms have been drafted to ensure worker safety, and these rights are extended to migrant employees as well. LEARN MORE

Acquisitions and Global Payroll
Andrew Porter, Regional Sales Executive
Acquisitions overseas can disrupt your global payroll and operations – especially if your current systems in place can’t keep up or scale as you grow. One of my clients in the manufacturing industry recently made acquisitions in several countries and needed guidance on international compliance, entity establishment and payroll. READ MORE

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