The Blue Marble December newsletter discusses global payroll trends for 2021, health and wellness in France, and challenges when expanding into new countries.

2021 Global Payroll Trends
Technology, data security, and compliance will reshape global payroll in 2021. Multi-national companies faced unprecedented obstacles in 2020 and have had to make accommodations for employees around the world to keep up. New sick leave, furlough policies, and working environments have changed drastically over the last year and will continue into 2021. How can you stay ahead of global payroll changes and maintain compliance? READ MORE

Employee Health and Wellness in France
Global People Strategist
Companies in France has some of the most generous health and wellness benefits for workers. Many companies even include spa days! Watch our quick video to learn more about health and wellness benefits in France.

Challenges when Expanding into New Countries
Global expansion is always an exciting opportunity, but when it comes to setting up business entities, hiring employees, and getting payroll up and running, things can get complicated. There are several key aspects of starting up in a new country that are often overlooked and unique challenges in each country when expanding and hiring. Here are some common challenges companies face when expanding into a new country: READ MORE