One of my new clients in the technology industry was struggling with their global payroll processing and compliance across 6 countries. Using different systems in each country was making payroll more complicated with manual processes, extra steps, and service issues. They needed a change and wanted to consolidate US payroll with their international payroll as well.

Their international provider was not adequately providing service in each country, so if they had questions about payroll in a specific country, they would sometimes wait weeks to get the answer they were looking for. Using different systems in each country was another major issue. Since their payroll was managed in different systems and locations around the world, they couldn’t get aggregated reporting or view all of their employee payroll across all countries in real time. The other concern was manual work required to manage payroll in 6 countries. There were so many extra steps and processes that compliance was becoming a concern.

When we began discussions about Blue Marble, they were very happy with our service model and integration with Paylocity for US payroll. With a unified system they can manage all their US and international payroll with single sign on functionality to simplify and consolidate their monthly process. With integration and automated payroll they can view employee payroll across all countries and currencies, create custom reporting, and ensure compliance with local in-country regulations. Our service model gives them a dedicated US-based team and direct access to in-country experts when questions come up.

My new client is so excited to have payroll under control and in compliance with one platform to manage all of their employees across the globe. We make it easy to manage employees in 150+ countries – if you are struggling with international payroll and compliance, talk to us! Click here to learn more