When you are expanding into new countries and managing employees in the U.S., there is often a disconnect between payroll and compliance requirements. As you expand into new countries, the complexity can grow and put your company at risk for non-compliance. One of my clients recently found themselves in the same situation, with employees in the U.S. and Canada and plans to expand into Mexico. They needed help getting payroll up and running and wanted to make sure they had the right compliance measures in place.

My client had already registered their business entity in Mexico, but payroll wasn’t set up. They were adding additional employees very quickly in Mexico so there was a time pressure for their team. Their process in Canada was not running smoothly, as they had communication issues with their in-country provider and no timely reporting. They were using Paylocity for their U.S. payroll and wanted a new solution that would integrate their U.S. and global payroll as well as their global HR.

One of their biggest challenges with payroll was the lack of reporting and insight into their employee data. They were using different systems in the U.S. and Canada and did not want to start payroll in Mexico unless they solved their current problems with Canada. Using Paylocity for the U.S. and Blue Marble for Canada and Mexico, they now have single-sign-on access to payroll and aggregated reporting in real-time across all three countries and currencies.

Their other concern was international compliance in Canada and Mexico. They weren’t sure how to ensure compliance and had service issues with their in-country provider in Canada. Blue Marble has a global consulting team to help identify in-country requirements and ensure compliance in each country. Blue Marble also provides a dedicated U.S.-based service team to help with in-country payroll questions. My client was confident that their Canada and Mexico payroll would now be compliant with in-country regulations.

With integrated U.S. and global payroll, my client is now able to view employee data in real-time, create aggregated reporting, and ensure compliance across multiple countries. With single-sign-on their payroll is easier to manage and they have dedicated in-country experts to help when questions come up. If your team is struggling with global payroll or compliance challenges, talk to us – we can help simplify your process and ensure compliance across 100+ countries. Click here to learn more about our global solutions