I recently met with a company that was looking to revitalize their current approach to international payroll. They have operations in Sweden, Ireland, and the UK, but are also expanding into the Netherlands and Czech Republic within the next couple years. They were struggling with international compliance, as they were using local accounting firms in each country and had no visibility into their payroll operations or costs across all countries.

As this organization continues to expand, the lack of payroll data and risk of compliance errors is increasing as well, with unique labor and payroll regulations that are changing each year in each country. This prospective client wants to consolidate their international payroll, create a scalable solution to grow into new countries, and have access to a network of experts to help them manage international payroll and labor compliance. With Blue Marble, the cloud-based payroll platform gives them real-time access and visibility into payroll across all countries and currencies, and our consulting services team ensures compliance with labor-related regulations and employment law.

I was able to help this new client leverage our single interface solution to capture multiple payrolls across a range of countries. This new client is now able to eliminate manual processes in each country, and consolidate payroll for employees in Sweden, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. We also provided a blueprint for future growth and managing employment law and regulations in each new country, as our team can facilitate new company formations as the client expands in the EU.

Our new client now has payroll on one platform, a scalable solution for future growth, and a team to help create business entities, employment agreements, and more as they expand into new countries. With real-time access and customized reporting, they can view payroll across countries and currencies and make changes as needed. They were able to reduce manual processes and feel confident in their future expansion with a scalable cloud-based solution to ensure compliance. If your company is struggling with manual payroll processes or compliance concerns, we can help – talk to our team today to learn more! Click here to get started