When it comes to managing a global workforce, there are so many factors to be considered. Hiring and onboarding, getting payroll up and running, unique requirements in each country – it can be very difficult to keep track of every detail and ensure compliance. When you also factor in your U.S. employees, integrating your payroll process gets even more complicated. Using different vendors and systems, with varying deadlines and processes, makes integration a huge challenge for most companies. Here are the main considerations when you are looking to integrate your U.S. and global payroll.

Payroll technology in the U.S. has come a long way in automating processes and streamlining operations for payroll teams. But when it comes to global payroll, there is a long way to go. Each country has unique payroll and compliance requirements, and it is very common for in-country payroll vendors to use manual processes or technology and systems that are not able to integrate with U.S. payroll platforms. The result is often using spreadsheets and email to manage global payroll data, which can lead to errors and compliance issues.

In-Country Vendors
Using in-country vendors is common when expanding overseas. But once you have employees across multiple countries and different vendors in each country, integration becomes less likely due to system capabilities and different data processing. Aggregating data becomes a very manual process, and in many cases, data is not consistently provided on a timely basis so there are no checks and balances to make sure everything is in compliance across each country.

Reporting and Data
Payroll reporting is a huge challenge when using different systems across multiple countries. Lack of consistent data and reporting is one of the biggest pain points for multi-national organizations, as there is not a single system of record for all employees. Without integrated, accurate reporting, your team can’t identify errors, track payroll costs across all countries and currencies, and ensure payroll compliance in each country.

Integrating U.S. and global payroll helps scale your business as you grow and prevents challenges with reporting and compliance across multiple countries. Blue Marble has helped companies solve their integration challenges with one platform to manage employees across 100+ countries. Our aggregated system provides payroll in real-time across countries, with customized, aggregated reporting across countries and currencies. Our integration with Paylocity, a leading U.S. payroll provider, gives you a single-sign-on to manage U.S. payroll and integrated reporting so your U.S. and global payroll reporting is in one place.

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