Our August 2022 newsletter discusses integrated global payroll and HRIS, collective bargaining agreements with a global workforce, and the complexities of global expansion and multi-country payroll.

Integrated Global Payroll and HRIS
Managing a global workforce is complex. From in-country requirements and payroll regulations to statutory benefits and pension schemes, each country has unique challenges that can impact your operations. Companies using an aggregated global payroll platform have an easier time managing payroll across multiple countries, but what about global HR? If you don’t have a global HR system to manage your workforce your operations can quickly get disorganized and at risk for non-compliance in each country. READ MORE

Collective Bargaining Agreements with a Global Workforce
Global People Strategist
Collective bargaining agreements are common in countries around the world. Unions and labor organizations use the agreements to outline the terms and conditions for employment including wages, hours, benefits and working conditions. Union members approve the results from negotiations and then the contracts are set. LEARN MORE

Complexities of Global Expansion and Multi-Country Payroll
Skye Graham, Sales Executive
When companies are expanding internationally, it is common to find a local payroll provider to manage employee payroll. But as more countries are added, the complexity grows. Suddenly your team is managing 4 vendors, different processes and capabilities in each country, and it’s more difficult and less scalable as you continue to grow. Sound familiar? My client was facing these challenges and more as they were expanding into new markets, and they needed a change. READ MORE