The April 2023 Blue Marble newsletter discusses global payroll reporting and in-country compliance, updated labor laws in Mexico, and disparate systems and integration issues.

Global Payroll Reporting and In-Country Compliance
One of the largest line items on every budget is payroll. But when it comes to payroll reporting, many multi-national organizations find global payroll reporting is inconsistent, delayed or inaccurate across countries. Global payroll reporting is a key component to strategy and in-country compliance, so it is concerning that companies rely on inaccurate or incomplete data to make complex decisions. Let’s look at the potential impacts of inconsistent global payroll reporting on your in-country compliance. READ MORE

Updated Labor Laws in Mexico
Global People Strategist
If you have employees in Mexico, or are considering expansion, there are several new reforms to the labor legislation. Before you start hiring, or to ensure compliance for your employees in Mexico, review the top seven labor reforms that could impact your organization. LEARN MORE

Disparate Systems and Integration Issues
Meghan Holcomb, Sales Executive
I recently met with a manufacturing company who has more than 500 employees across five countries. They were struggling with their compliance in each country, and their payroll process was causing operational challenges each month. They were using in-country providers in four countries and had recently switched their U.S. payroll to Paylocity. They needed help with three key components of their operations – global compliance, integration, and reporting. READ MORE