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Business Disruption and Global Payroll
Multi-national companies have quickly learned in the last month that business disruption can happen at any time and under many circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned operations upside down and companies have had to provide a variety of services to employees to keep the business going in the most challenging environment.

Reconfiguring communications, technology, and video conferencing solutions, ensuring employees have access to company systems, and streamlining customer support is just the tip of the iceberg. READ MORE

Layoffs in Canada due to COVID-19
Global People Strategist

Across Canada, most non-essential businesses have faced immense pressure to shut down their operations and this has created a number of issues with regard to temporary layoffs or furloughs across the country. In Canada, an employer does not have the right to temporarily lay off an employee unless it has been expressly agreed to in a contract. This has left many operations in jeopardy due to the fact that they have no work available for their employees, but they also don’t have the legal rights to temporarily layoff their workers. READ MORE

Technology and Remote Working
Meghan Holcomb, Regional Sales Executive

The majority of my career has been in business-to-business sales. While I have worked in more than one industry, the one constant has been a continual evolution of how we interact with our prospective and current clients.

While face-to-face contact was historically the only manner in which a prospect was engaged, it has become more common to leverage technology at some point of the process. When I joined Blue Marble, it was the first time I worked for a company that was truly remote and set up to function as such. This transition has been fulfilling, but working remotely comes with some challenges. These are some of my biggest takeaways: READ MORE